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Architecture is in my blood. My grandfather, Louis McLane Fisher, was a graduate of the Princeton School of Architecture and a partner in the Fisher, Nes, Campbell & Associates architecture firm in Baltimore, Maryland. My father worked in construction and I spent many after school hours at building sites. Not surprisingly, I have been interested in building, design, and Architecture as far back as I can remember. I have also been working towards sustainability since high school, when I helped organize my school’s first Earth Day. I chose to combine my passions by committing to sustainable Architecture in order to have a positive impact on our community, and natural and built environments.

I have over fourteen years of experience in the architecture and construction industries, and have worked with several architecture firms in northern California since 2001. As a result, I have been involved with a broad spectrum of projects, from minor house remodels to large commercial and multi-family developments. I have worked in almost every architectural style imaginable and with construction budgets ranging from very small to very large. Please take a look at my Portfolio.

I choose sustainable, or “green,” products when available and have extensive experience with structural insulated panel (SIPs) building design and detailing. I specialize in sustainability; emphasizing low-toxicity, energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and new construction technologies. I find that Building Greenis a useful, time-tested resource for products and materials.

I enjoy working with clients and am inspired by the unique way each person lives. I enjoy the challenges that come with each project, whether that challenge be budget, site constraints, jurisdictional restrictions, or innovative building materials. I find that each challenge (i.e., opportunity) helps guide the design to what is ultimately right for the occupant.